Rice Production
A. Fish Feed Production
B. Fish fingerlings Production
C. Table Size Production
D. Brood stock Production
E. Fish farming equipment and Infrastructure
F. Fish processing equipment and In frastructure
G. Establishment of Fisheries research, training and consultancy
H. Fish pond Construction
I. Fish Farm Est at es development
J. Cage and Pen Culture
K. Mari culture
L. Fish Processing e.g. Fish smoking, filleting, canning
M. Shell fish culture
N. Culture of aquatic plant s of commercial importance
Capture Fisheries
A. Outboard Engine Production, servicing and marketing
B. Fishing terminals, infrastructure and equipment
C. Marine Industrial Fishing
D. Fish boats Construction (Leasing and Selling)
E. Fishing Nets Production and Marketing
F. Fishing boat accessories e.g. Live jackets, navigational instruments and servicing equipment
Ancillary Services
A. Fish eateries and restaurant
B. Fish amusement parks, holiday centre and ecotourism
C. Fish transportation and trading

Pig farming is fast becoming a popular business in Nigeria and Lagos state in particular. Although growth and development of pig farming has faced its challenges due to religious and tribal beliefs however due to metropolitan nature of Lagos, which is spreading fast to ot he r state many opportunities abound for pig farming.

Pigs are hardy creatures and are able to withstand rough environments. They also have fast gestation period and can have over six off springs per litter. This fact makes them a good source of protein for consumers and income for farmers. One sow can have up to three separate gestation periods a year with 8 off springs per gestation period and a total of 24 piglets per year. One boar can serve 10-15sows.

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Poultry Investment
At the moment there exists a huge market potential for chicken and poultry products in Nigeria given the high rising population. Out of the needed annual 200 million birds to meet demands, only about 140 million birds are produced annually, creating a huge gap of over 60 million birds annually.
Red Meat Value: Feedlot System
The intention of this project is to establish a Feedlot Estate on 160Ha of land an expanse of land ( 160 Ha) at lmota lkorodu, Infrastructure - water, accessible roads, electricity, cooperative society organization, assess to soft agricultural loans etc.
Eggs, Spent Layer, Broiler Birds
The ban on imported poultry products has led to a steady growth in the production of poultry products in the country, but with a population of over 170million people demand still outweighs supply, thus poultry production will continue to be a viable market.
Rice Production

Rice is one of the foods with the most economic importance in the world today. The FAO has reported that better management of rice processing and resulting by-products into more sustainable applicat ions would be beneficial for a variety ofreasons. Rice processing involves several milling stages to produce

EDIBLE RICE as final product. As crude rice goes through the milling process, by-products are generated such as rice brown that have been shown to exhibit beneficial impact on human and animal nutrition, husk and broken rice of various sizes. The lmota Rice Mill will without doubt generate a lot of byproducts that can be used for several other useful product s, thereby leading to setting up of many complementary businesses, in the rice processing value chain, such as: