Lagos state investment
opportunities in education
Lagos State Government has liberalized education. As at August. 2020 over 18,000 private Schools had registered with Lagos State Government. This is achieved under improved Service Delivery in Private School Registration and Approval process with efficient Private School Assessment. Monitoring and Evaluation system. The State is on the edge to license more private Schools and Vocationa l Centers This opportunity has created an enabling investment-ready environment for new investors to come and invest inthe education sector.
Broad Sectoral

Introduction of STEAM methodology into the Lagos State Curriculum

Establishment of Computer Based Test (CBT) Centres in all the Six Education Districts which will also serve as ICT Training Centres for all Schools in the Districts

Computerization of Approval Process of Private Schools in the State

Provision of Learning Teaching Materials' Management Information Systems

Capacity And Welfare of
School Personnel

Upgrade of Teacher Training Centre, Owutu

Provision of City Accommodation - Hostel Centres for Public School Teachers

Introduction of a Lagos State Teacher welfare fund (under a Special Card and Merchant Scheme)

Provision of Teaching Aids such as Tablets to improve the delivery of quality education

Education Resources

These Centres serve as repository for Educational Antiques, Multipurpose Teaching Aids and Teacher Training Centres

Increasing number of Resource Centres across the Education Districts in the State

Equipping Centres with Interactive Boards, Textbook Printing Press, Multimedia Studio

Upgrading of infrastructure and Equipment of the current Centre and acquirenew Equipment

Secondary School

Investing in Infrastructure - Build new Schools and refurbishing existing ones to specifications

Construction and Upgrading Special Function facilities - Intro Tech, ICT, Science Laboratory,

Classrooms and Libraries

Launch ing the Public Schools Adoption programme (Invite the Private and Development Sectors to adopt Public Schools

Working with Curriculum

Development Experts to improve the relevance of the current Academic Curriculum

Investing in Technology for Public School Administration and agile learning management system

Other Investment Opportunities
Smart Learning

Post COVID-19 educational development plans will ensure that Lagos State goes digital from 2021 by granting equal access to virtual education for all Lagos State pupils/Student.

Likewise, good teachers and effective teaching are critical in serving the needs of learners. This affirms the need for investment in digital infrastructure and digital teaching materials. Investors are welcome to make this a reality

Teachers Training Programme

Recently, the Lagos State has started the training of teachers to equip them with some digital skills. Opportunities are therefore available for those that will invest in human capital development in this area.

The computer-assisted learn ing and teachers training programme are a pragmatic approach to ensuring quality in education. Technical Education.

TVET Education (LASTVEB)

Construction and Refurbishment of Classrooms and Workshops at the Lagos State Technical and Vocationa l Educat ion Board (LASTVEB)

Design and Offer for concession opportunities to the Private Sector to build additional Vocational Centres and connect with Industry for employment

Sponsoring Students Industrial Work Experience Schemes (SIWESS)

Sponsoring Teachers Industrial Work Experience Schemes (TIWESS)

Sponsoring Twining and International Exchange Programmes

Special/Inclusive Unit Education

Training of Special Education Teachers for Schools with Special needs

Provision of appropriate Technology and Equipments required for effective teaching

Partner with International Organisation that possess the expertise for Special Needs Education

Commercial opportunities
Linkages to commercial business that will service the education sector include
Production of
Production of
Production of
school sandals
Production of
School bags